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Louise Hardwich
30 March 2010 @ 01:10 pm
- Acquaintance. People he's talked to occasionally.
- Enjoyable Acquaintance. People that amuse him, or that he enjoys the occasional cup of tea with.
- Friends. People he actually likes. 
- Trusted Friends. People he not only likes, but trusts.
- Love. People he truly, deeply loves, be it in an intimate way or through self-made familial bonds.
X - Annoyance. People he generally dislikes.
X - The ENEMY. People he considers a threat.
+ indicates that Lousie has had sex with this character.

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Louise Hardwich
11 December 2009 @ 05:54 pm
Let me know what you think! I'm always open for concrit, and you're free to leave it here or contact me directly at rubyeyesknight on AIM!
Louise Hardwich
13 November 2009 @ 11:19 am
» Journal: zully
» Birthdate/Age: July 3, 1984/25
» Characters Played: N/A, previously Kaylee (alls_shiny)

» Name: Louise Hardwich
» Fandom: Absolute Obedience: Zettai Fukujuu Meirei
» Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zettai_Fukuju_Meirei
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=013dskaYTQo&feature=player_embedded (video trailer)
» Canon Point: At the end of the game, having gotten all A's on the missions and completed the two bonus missions at the end.
» Gender: Male.
» Age: 24
» Orientation: Gay. Canonically he shows no interest in women, and openly mocks Kia at times for his interest in both.
» Personality: He often gives off the impression of being somewhat innocuous, being canonically referenced as beautiful enough to seduce even straight men. And in fact, many of his missions involve him doing exactly that. He's definitely capable of appearing serious and intimidating, however, especially when he feels he's losing control of a situation. As someone who plans many steps ahead, though, he usually feels as if he's maintaining control even when it appears otherwise. Much like Kia, he seduces men without giving his heart away, so the only real sting he feels from his plans going awry is to his pride for having failed a mission. Though from the point I take Louise from, that hasn't happened in some time.

He's a guy with serious trust issues. He grew up in a family where neither parent seemed to love the other, or love him. It was a sham marriage for the sake of the Hardwich name and money, so the environment Louise grew up in was one where he saw love and sex used every day as a weapon to gain money, power and prestige. As a direct consequence, he became closed off emotionally. It's why he created his innocuous mask, simply smiling politely at a world he frequently has little interest in. His mother is cold and arrogant, caring about nothing but her money, image, and the harem of men she's collected to sleep with every day. His father slept with many other women while married, and actually told Louise that he only thought of him as a way to continue the family name. Though later on, he learns that for the vast majority of his life his father was in love with Kia's mother, whom Kia himself thought to have been dead. As a result, Louise can be very cold and calculating since he grew up needing to be to discern whether or not what his parents were choosing for him -- if they bothered to choose at all -- was really in his best interest.

Prideful, arrogant, spoiled and a sadistic streak-- but Louise isn't entirely unkind. He does genuinely come to care for his targets more often than not, even if it's simply as friends afterwards. And there's the matter of Kia, who has become the only man to actually take his heart from the point in the game I take him from. Though they fight, nitpick and bicker frequently, there's very little Louise wouldn't do for him.
» Appearance: Of average height, though slightly taller than Kia, with a slim build. Long blonde hair that he's far too proud of and is almost never seen without his military uniform, hat, and bullwhip. He carries a gun as well, though he isn't at all fond of using it.

And fortunately for him in Amat, he's used to waking up in different beds. Though being alone will be a bit of an irritant; another sting to his ever-important pride. And randomly, he also loves horses.
» Suitability: N/A

» "amatomnes" Entry: What is this..?

Ah! /and a sweet smile as the video flickers on, showing his head and half-bare torso/ Some sort of video recording device.. ? How interesting! I must have been very fortunate last night, to have landed in a place as nice as this one. Perhaps someone here could inform me, though, as to what city this is? Or country? This certainly doesn't look like any part of Germany I've ever seen.

/video camera lowers away from his face briefly as Louise stands, bringing the camera with him to give the audience a panoramic view. Yes, his clothes are still folded neatly on the bed/

It wouldn't be the first time I'd woken up in a strange country, though! That is the interesting part of being a member of the Hardwich family. One of it's "perks," I suppose you could call it. I do hope this is actually broadcasting somewhere, otherwise I may look fairly silly later on.
» "amatomneslogs" Entry: Louise felt that familiar tingling of pleasure as he stretched, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips as he slowly opened his eyes. The decor was certainly pleasant enough, he mused, and looked like it had cost a fair penny for it's owners to have purchased.

He was used to waking up pleased, that warm coil that sent him glowing curling in his lower abdomen, though it had been some time since it had felt quite this good. Well, and not been with Kia, though he'd certainly never admit that to him He rolled over to see whom it was exactly that had made him feel this good, only to frown as he found the bed empty.

It was one of Louise's pet peeves. It was in poor taste to leave your partner alone in bed the next morning, he mentally chided whomever this may have been. He should have at least left a proper note thanking him and asking his forgiveness for needing to leave the next morning so early.

Though he had pressed and cleaned Louise's outfit, it seemed, and left it folded neatly for him at the end of the bed. Perhaps the servants would be able to explain to him better.

As he swung his legs over the side of the bed, he frowned and cocked his head quizzically at a strange device on a nearby table. What an odd device. He picked it up and flipped it on. What is this..?